I'm no hard core photographer with my pimped up camera. I'm not an professional in Photoshop. I'm not an expert in giving out advice and creating inspirational quotes. But that doesn't mean that I'm just gonna sit idly in my chair and watch the world be created only by experts.

This page is anything and everything that has been happening to me,
people around me, and basically anything which interests me.
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One of the things I really hate about elevator situations is having the elevator doors to crash close on me as I rush to get in the ride. Or those people who click their floors after, like, 5 floors have passed already and then they complain. But what I hate most is when I am in an elevator, I’m standing right infront of the controls. I then somewhat gain some sort of ‘power’. Power which I have yet to properly control. Why am I making such a big deal about it? Here’s why.
Firstly, being in this temporary position puts you in a lot of hate. A lot of people, including me, presses the close botton after someone gets off to make the ride go faster. I call them “people who use their brains”. Others, on the other hand, don’t think the same. They literally just stare at the botton. And everyone else just stares at them hoping they would come to their senses to freaking press the close botton. Now, when I’m in that position, I seldom don’t press the botton for reasons like me having too much to carry. And just because of that, I feel eyes glaring at my back making me feel guilty by the time I leave the lift. Now, people will remember as the ‘person who made the ride longer than it should have been’ guy.
Another reason why being in this seat of power bothers me is you instantly become the ‘floor presser’. I know it’s not much to do. I just press bottons, right? Try pressing bottons when your hands are clipped to your sides on a packed elevator. I always make an effort though to help the needy - after a few elbow jabs and awkward ass grabbings. But then you find out it’s those kinds of people who don’t “thank you” for your efforts whom you just helped. I seriously have these moments where I just want say straight to that person to say “thank you” even if it isn’t towards me.
The last is something I would like to call as “you’re a dick no matter what” situation. Being in charged with the elevator, you are the final judge as to who is entering and who is not. I, being a gentleman, can’t close the door whenever I see someone approaching the elevator. I don’t know whether or not they’re actually going to enter but just to be safe I keep the doors open. Why is it a “you’re a dick no matter what” situation? People always go to the emptier lifts, even if they have to wait for it, so the ride would be faster - having less floors pushed. Now, if I am in the controls and a good few entered together with me, they would expect me to close the doors to proceed to our floors. But then, people start approaching. Because I didn’t want to be an instant asshole, I keep the doors open. I automatically become a dick to the people already inside the lift because I started to make more people go in. Now, because of guilt, I have to close the doors at some point. And that heart crushing moment when you have eye contact with someone approaching and you close the doors infront of their face. Now I become a dick towards that person. And they will forever remember me as the dick at the controls.
Now, how would I know what people think about me when I’m the master controller? Because I think the same way when others are at that very same position.